The PSP Campus Day program meets on Thursdays during the school year at Rincon Valley Christian School


Campus Day exists to provide an opportunity for K-12th students enrolled in the PSP to participate in classes once a week in a classroom setting in both academic and elective courses. At the high school level these courses provide access towards fulfillment of current CIF outside graded course requirements for athletes.


Campus Day is scheduled in a fall and spring semester format of 16 weeks each.  Students have the option of taking from one to four (three for K-5th) co-op classes on Thursdays. High School courses require a minimum of 60 hours of work per semester, including both in-class and home assignments. Teachers assign quarterly grades meeting an approved grading rubric for 6th-12th grades. K-5th level courses are ungraded with student evaluation left to the parent. K-2nd classes are generally social in nature, with rigor building in courses for older students. Homework expectations increase in older student courses. Course schedule and descriptions are published twice a year, also available on the school website.


Campus Day Registration begins in spring for the following fall semester. At the time of registration a payment of $25 is due for each family participating. In the fall a $20 (K-5th) / $25 (6th-12th) Support Fee is due for each class for the semester that the student participates in. Enrollment is limited to families that participate (adult) with a minimum of 16 hours per semester. A limited number of drop-off enrollment spots are open each semester to families that cannot participate on campus with an additional drop-off fee per class required.  Campus Day is meant to be a co-operative environment with all families participating at some level. Please see our Policy Manual for additional information.


PSP students are required to comply with RVCS Dress Code and Code of Conduct.  Campus Day is considered a privilege to PSP students and the privilege may be revoked due to failure to comply with RVC and PSP academic and behavior expectations. PSP students are expected to attend classes promptly and regularly with all assignments complete.  Parental involvement is necessary to achieve these goals.  Academic preparation and respectful manners are the standard for Campus Day.  Students must be picked up promptly at the end of their last class period. RVC is a closed campus.